VE7RGF - Spring Repeater Picnic

Grand Forks Amateur Radio Club

- Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada

Accident Free for over 15 minutes!

We are a duly constituted and incorporated body of Amateur Radio Operators serving the following communities:

HF Traffic Handling

GFARC members often check into the BCEN on 3.7290 MHz at 0100 Z.


Call Sign
Listen on
Transmit on
144 MHz
(100 Hz Tone)
Bald Knob (Phoenix BC)
South Central BC, N. Central WA
Hard-Linked to RCL (Christina Lk)and OGF (Observation Mtn Grand Forks)
100.0 Hz tone requ'd on Xmit
144 MHz
(100 Hz Tone!)
Observation Mt - GF
Grand Forks Valley
- 100 Hz CCTS Tone requ'd on Xmit
Hard-Linked to RGF and RCL via UGF
144 MHz
Santa Rosa - Christina Lake
Christina Lake, GF Valley
Hard-Linked to RGF (Phoenix Mtn) and OGF
144 MHz
VE7KGF IRLP Node List)
Mt. Rod Dhu
South Central BC, N. Central WA
Our Node No. is 1848 - See ILRP Website

A refresher about "tone access"

CCTS Tone access is a means by which repeater controllers can be programmed to ignore unauthorized transmissions. ie, they can be set up not to pass on, or otherwise recognize signals whose audio is not accompanied by a sub-audible (to human ears) tone which your transceiver may be programmed to send with your signal on key-up. There are other reasons to use this function, but in this case, unwanted interference from such as other repeaters on the mountain will be minimized. Your problem as an authorized user is that, unless your transceiver is programmed to send the tone along with your signal, it will be ignored by the machine. So don't forget to have a look at that user manual and have your unit send the required CTSS tones when required.

Temporary Update

The IRLP machine has a temporary problem. This thought to be because it has been overused for net work and has suffered thermal breakdown. As of this writing, (Jun '17) the road is still snowed in, so it'll be a while before we can get a team up there to correct the problem. Stay tuned for further info....

This link fault will not be addressed until road conditions permit in the spring.

More on IRLP

Internet Relay Linking Protocol: a fun way to find other hams to talk to in other places, without the bother of Big Radios. Find more on the subject here:

More on the IRLP Machine

This an APRS digipeater on Mt. Roderick Dhu.

2 Metre Network - Your West Kootenay Connection

The 728, 694, and 676 machines are 24/7 hard-linked by uhf. Thus, system coverage for car mobiles is from the high ground West of Osoyoos and South of Kelowna to that around Kootenay Lake/Nelson and South to Tonasket/Sherman Pass, including the entire Christina Lake valley. Some "hot spots" such as Osoyoos central and Omak on good days. Handheld coverage is, of course, more restricted.

We try to maintain a 2M net at 1900 PST Thursdays on the 2m network. Try us on 652 Simplex if the network's empty.

146.52 MHz simplex is also monitored in the area.


A good page for those interested in an amateur radio licence

Another page with info on joining the ham fraternity

Industry Canada Service Center - All you wanted to know about Ham Radio in Canada but were afraid to ask!

A visit with a work party to our Phoenix repeater site


Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 PM in Grand Forks. All Amateur Radio Operators and those interested in Amateur Radio are most welcome. - and/or please join us for an informal coffee break Saturday mornings at 10:00 AM at the Happy Days Restaurant in Grand Forks. - Just West of the Granby River Hwy 3 Bridge, kitty-corner from the now-vacant site of the Grand Forks Hotel. (shedding a tear here)

For more info, email our email connection Pete Snidal - snidey at or snailmail GFARC, PO Box 2276, Grand Forks, BC, V0H 1H0.

ARRL Field Days

On ARRL Field day, June 25/26 of 2016, the GFARC participated publicly at Grand Forks City Park for the 24 hours of the world-class event. Club members operatied some HF rigs, both full power and QRP, as well as handhelds and possibly base station mobiles through our repeater network and particularly the IRLP machine on Rod Dhu. Any and all hams were welcome to participate.

The Field Day went well and according to plan. Bigger and better for next year!

2017 update

An even more successful field day was held this year at the Grand Forks Museum Fructova site on Reservoir Road. A good time was had by all, and it looks as this will be an annual event. See y'all in 2018!

Info for Club Members ONLY: Getting into the Yahoogroup

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