A Work Party at Bald Knob (Phoenix, BC)

- Let's go on a work party to the Phoenix repeater site! (May, 2011)
We just *LOVE* our little vintage repeater shack atop Bald Knob, near Phoenix BC! Originally built as a manned forestry observation tower, its windows were later filled in and it was converted to an unmanned repeater shack by BC Forestry.

The GFARC has had the good fortune to occupy this little building since 1987, having maintained repeaters of one kind or another since then.

"The knob" is the home of our vhf 728 machine, which which is uhf-linked to the other two repeaters in our system. Frequencies are shown in the table on the homepage. (one back)

Early Winter at Rod Dhu
For awhile, our 728 machine was temporarily relocated to Mt. Roderick Dhu, some 10 miles North and a little higher. It was, however, much less accessible, and there was negligible difference in coverage. So, in 2012, the gfarc has come back to its senses, and the 728 machine - our "Flagship" repeater - is now back in its original home. The original home is a bit lower, but the coverage is about the same, but with vastly more accessible, service. The access window for Bald Knob is about 4 months longer, and it's closer to town, too!

Meanwhile, let's have a look at a few more pix of our Spring, '11 tuning session for the Knob's repeater shack........

Intrepid Climber Aiming uhf link antennas

Procedures included some roof and general siding repairs. The ol' girl's got a lot of life left yet!

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