Signing up to the gfarc yahoogroup

1. EGROUPS was formed many years ago as a facility to provide a "majordomo server" to interested parties with the minimum of fuss and bother. md servers were created to connect groups of users together via their email accounts, in such a way that any posting to the group by any individual member would be "reflected" back to all members. Same way with replies, so that the egroup became an automatic conversation between all members. - Not in Real time, but each time a user checked his/her mail, updates in the conversation would appear. So you don't have to send an individual mail to every individual - one posting to the list does the job.

2. YAHOO Yahoo, like Microsoft, is a system with plans to take over the online world. They bought up egroups years ago, thus complicating egroups and renaming it yahoogroups. But it's still an excellent facility; it's just gotten more complicated to get into it, because it's easy to get mixed up with one of their other services, such as yahoo search, yahoo mail, yahoo stores, yahoo god knows what. (or cares) All you're likely interested in will be yahoo groups. This little treatise will attempt to splain you how to become and maintain your membership in the gfarc yahoogroup.

3. COOKIES Cookies are one of the complications computer nerds invented to make things "easier,: ostensibly for you, but in actual fact for them. They arise out of subliminal signals exchanged between your computer and theirs, such as yahoo's, to make such things as sign-ons automatic. Once they're in there. Thus, if your computer has been "cookied," it will do such things as connect automatically to yahoogroups without asking you for a username and password every time. It probably has something to do with whether or not yahoogroups accepts emails from your computer in "automatic" mode, I don't understand the esoterica, nor do I want to. (Nor, most likely, do you!) All that matters is getting your computer and theirs speaking the same language.

4. LOGINS When you go to, once your computer has been "cookied" by yahoo, you will be shown a screen with your yahoo sign-in name in the top right corner. You'll also be rewarded with a list down the left side of the page showing all the yahoogroups of which you are a member. Clicking on the appropriate group will take you to the "home page" of that group, and thus you'll have access to the various sections, such as messages, files, photos, and other very useful places within that group.

But if you're not cookied, you'll likely see a spot to "sign in," or "log in." In which case, you'll want to enter your login name and password, and then it'll change to the main page described above. VERY IMPORTANT: You MUST save your password and username somewhere. Life can be very difficult if, when asked for either of these, you can't produce! I recommend a book - your family bible even - in which you keep and maintain a list of usernames and passwords you give for all facilities you use on the internet. I always give these people as little information as possible - initially, you have a choice of username and password, and when they ask me for such information as my birthdate, I make one up, since they may be hacked one day, and I don't want the world to know any more about me than they have to. Your choice, but if you make anything up, you should also make a note of that. So, for instance, my personal list says, for yahoo: Yahoo Pete_Snidal password phony date I used my real name on my original signup, since it was a long time ago and I wasn't then aware of how kinky the internet was going to become. Didn't want to appear sneaky, nor did I like "cutesy,: like "hodad66," etc, If you give a username already in use, your offer will be rejected until you dream one up that currrently has no parallel. Sooner or later, you'll have one accepted; make a note of it, and of course of the password you use.

TRICKS As mentioned abopve, Yahoo wants you in their whole family. When you hit the groups homepage, if it doesn't recognize your computer (ie, cookies), then it will offer a signup. But when you click signup, it'll try to suck you into using yahoosearch as your browser's default search engine. (I personally recommend startpage - but that's another story for another time.

No option shown to just go into the homepage. But you can click signup for yahoo search, and it'll likely open a signup page for yahoosearch, but in a NEW window! Meaning a new tab shown on the top of your browser page. And you'll be able to click on the previous tab, and thus get to a signup procedure for yahoogroups. Enter name and password; it'll cookie your computer, and henceforward it'll just let you in. I hope. Once you've signed on as a member of the Yahoo Family (gag me with a spoon!) you'll be able to search for a yahoogroup, such as gfarc. You'll likely be told you have to sign up once again, this time in this specific yahoogroup. You may be a member already, as a result of me having the group send you an "invitation," and having gone through the appropriate response catechism(s). Or not. If not, you can attempt to sign up, but it'll tell you to wait for "approval" from the grand wazoo of the gfarc. "Moderator approval." That would be I, and yg will then send me a note from you requesting approval. I'll check the gfarc membership list, and if you're a club member (ie, dues paid, noseprinted, ear tatooed, etc.) I'll bounce back an "approval," and Yahoogroups will then send you an email telling your you're "in." A lot of complication, but worth it. Our yahoogroup is open only to members, and that's a choice we made, for security reasons. We have been know to post meeting minutes in the files section, for example, and we naturally want to have control over who gets access to such possibly sensitive information. So SOME of all the previous fol-de-rol is worthwhile. And the convenience of being able to send a single email to and knowing that all club members (at least all who aren't computer-challenged) will find it the next time they check their emails is hard to beat. ditto for the files and photos areas. So stick with it and you'll find that it was worth the trouble! And don't forget: it gets easier!

Any Questions?

Feel free to ask by emailing me personally: snidey at telus dot net